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BurnAware Professional/Premium 10.2 Multilingual

Thảo luận trong 'Burning - Converter - Ripper' bắt đầu bởi me09112001, 5/4/17.

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    BurnAware Professional/Premium 10.2 Multilingual

    BurnAware Professional/Premium 10.2 Multilingual | 14.3 MB
    BurnAware is the ultimate disc burning software. BurnAware is the preferred edition for home desktop and mobile PCs. It includes additional burning tools which help you to copy your CDs and DVDs with digital photos, documents, games, movies and music easily. Also with BurnAware Home you can compile and burn bootable discs and disc images. Keep original discs scratch free. Duplicate CDs and DVDs or store them as ISO image files on your hard disk. You can always burn them later to create and backup copy of the original movie/game/software.

    Create data backups
    Burn your photos, spread sheets, home work results etc. to CD/DVD/Blu-Ray Disc. A hard disk crash would no longer be fatal to your work or family archives.

    Update existing DVDs
    You can use the same media for sequential recording daily. New data would perfectly co-exist with previously recorded data. The only limitation is the physical media capacity.

    * Create data, bootable and multisession CD/DVD/Blu-ray Discs
    * Create Audio CDs and MP3 CD/DVD/Blu-ray Discs
    * Create DVD-Video
    * Create and burn boot images
    * Create and burn disc images
    * Supports all current hardware interfaces (IDE/SCSI/USB/1394/SATA)
    * Supports UDF/ISO9660/Joliet Bridged file systems (any combination)
    * On-the-fly writing for all image types (no staging to hard drive first)
    * Auto-verification of written files
    * Supports CD-Text and unicode characters
    * Supports Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista/7 (32 and 64 Bit), no drivers required
    * 100% Free for personal, home use
    * Does NOT contain any spyware, adware, banners etc.
    * Does NOT require .Net framework or service packs
    * Based on the most stable and fast disc recording SDK

    Whats New:
    New Features
    • New method of drive and write speed detection.
    • Added new themes. Windows 10 theme used as default.

    • Updated themes, installer and translations.
    • Improvements to burning process and data verification.
    • Improvements to user interface.

    Bug Fixes
    • Minor bug with verification of files with 0 size.
    • Minor bug fixes and improvements

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  2. BurnAware Professional/Premium 10.2 Multilingual

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